Saturday, April 6, 2019

eternal union - faithful dedication - history

dedicated to my eternal wife - in the spirit of our union
my dedications
my existence is partner centric and dependent on her being in my life

resolute fidelity and honesty - not one lie in our relationship

i am a defender and protector of her to the best of my ability

the deepest dedication - the deepest sacrifice for her well being

i value celibacy with my partner
we have eternal celibacy vows and are completely faithful to each other

i have thus far prevented her enslavement through dedicated work and sacrifice

we are both in the spirit of each other's lives - her spirit in my life is inexpressibly important to me

the spirit of our past - the spirit of our potential future || dreams - heaven - completeness - eternal devotion

the years in heaven as an angel with my eternal wife were the most blessed times of my existence - i have deeply spiritual sorrow looking back at her being my wife, together, inseparable like we were before we descended into a middle realm hell
dedication to each other
she asked me to be her partner in egypt, our lives evolved into the mythology of horus and maat
hearing her ask me to be her partner was one of the most moving moments of my existence

my spirit yearns to be reunited - with her by my side i am eternally complete

we have both battled oppression, we both desire to be reunited in a miracle.

the heavens compromised us. through being hellraised i gained respect and she is protected by loyal guardians. i am outside of the protections of our ideal home due to pantheon infiltration, deception, infidelity, and incompetence (we have fallen saviors). everyone in the aspects that could morally compromise us did under the harshest of coercion, a true testament to the integrity of those that did not. i have faith in a miracle to reconnect us.
my soul is desecrated as a sacrificial martyr, our guardians are often improbable, our enemies were in high places. there is a long line of fallen messiahs that were before me in an "order" based binary scenario; in the present moment i have set up enough to deconquer and liberate our region (numerous universes). due an adversarial kamikaze scenario; i have comprehensively destroyed the souls of my opposition.

the enemy prefers to plagiarize it's effectiveness due to a deficiency in intelligence and imminent loss otherwise.

in this war the enemy has enslaved angel women and ruined angel men, however their projections were not met. update from the field: rapists had their angel women (through science obtained in the soul theft war) replaced with pedophiles and female abominations.
the full definition of spirituality is compartmented by numerous mechanics.
the positive wording mechanics of spirituality compartments it’s full definition.
the negative wording mechanics of spirituality compartments it’s full definition.
e.g. spiritual purity, spiritual anguish, spiritual deadening.
the spirit of an individual - spirituality. evil has it's own spirituality.
definition first developed with my eternal wife as angels.
pure light: irrevocably light polarized - eternal union centric - full spectrum fidelity
pure evil: spiritual with evil - high values for darkness - honoring sacrifice - damnation - hell
dark: all single acts of evil as justice - victim's fury - ♫dark synth♫
key: truth centric spirituality - truth is the key to all bad music
spiritual deadening
opinion: spiritual deadening is an optimal state - sub90%

spiritually deadened consumption is optimal with aspects of subtlety and perfection.

spiritual deadening + lower degrees of spirituality are conducive to perceiving the subtlety's of the aspects.

high degrees of intensity produce a deadening of sensitivity - a deadening of subtlety's.

the word aspect: the degree of the word aspect is suitable for spiritual deadening and an allegory of ideal interfacing.

cold black tea with milk: a spiritual deadening ideal product.
white deception - illusion - facade - qualities of darkness
lies - deception - white deception || deception spectrum
lies - dishonesty: always immoral || immorality - dark immorality
white deception: moral deception - dark morality - dark standards
illusion: quality deception - complicated compartmenting of wording: e.g. illusory - illusions - illusionist
facade: a lesser desirable underlying deception - opposite to illusion

quality is a deceptive aspect of darkness
pure light darkness has deceptive qualities
purity ideology
pure evil - evil - subevil || sublight - light - pure light

evil and light have a pattern of not perceiving purity in each other.

angels are often blind to purity in evil.

evil has a problem with interfacing design not aligning with a situation's true spirit.

an apex system acknowledges purity in both dark and light

pure evil and pure light are synergistic perfection.

the sub-blacks who have sabotaged my world for thousands of years are suitable balancing factors for the loss in volume of evil in the variables present with a truth and purity revolution
note: there are no true subevil reptiles or insects in my ideology
purity - impurity
the highest darkness is pure evil.

blackness has a purity

angels are the highest purity.

evil reptile is the purest full archetype.

light polarized opinion: all sexual attractions and motivations are a form of impurity.

dishonor is a form of infectious impurity.

lying is impure - dishonesty is impure pure deception: white deception - moral deception (e.g. preventing wrongful treatment)
abominations - sins
infidelity to a wife is an apex aspect of abomination - persons who have infidelity to their partner are not worthy of a respectable woman or man.

betrayal of your own kind || infidel
evil on evil betrayal || human on reptile

dishonor is a mental illness

sexual perversion

the worst abominations are human || subhuman - sub-black - subevil - sublight.

deoccultist culture from my world: full spectrum perversion - antithetical to a perfect light, evil, dark spirituality
abominations of the aspects
the highest abomination in existence: philistine subhuman angel rapist deoccultists
the most abominable evil action: whimsical eternal evils
human is the most abominable aspect: subhuman - sub-black - pedophile - hebephile - angel rapists - deoccultists
the highest ideological abomination: pedophilia
the highest pantheon abomination: false messiah angel wife rapist multiverse founders - fallen messiah wife enslavement
numbers defined by meanings, symbology, patterns, and scientific laws.

2: eternal union - eternal wife dedication - full spectrum fidelity
1: individuality - complete - eternal union - twin flames
6: pure evil - perfect darkness - pure evil light || spectrum of reality
5: retaining perception with reincarnation || binary & trinary systems || 5 pointed star - the standard cosmic body
69: balance || pure evil - subevil
3: foundations of reality
• the positive linguistic programming of the word spirituality compartments it’s full definition
the eye of providence - the spirit of the universe
• compartmented by the lack of plurality in the usage of the term spirit - not a monotheistic ideology
aspect mapping idea
cannabis and cigarette relativity - venti iced chai with light ice fasting - permanent work morale.
the universe’s deepest ideology can be determined by allegory within concept quality and interpretation.
the deoccultist concept
the prime motivation of deoccultists (other than rape) is to escape their true identity's, this enables monstrous philistine agendas to cover up all evidence of their past.

a) the deoccultist concept represents behavior infecting the occult, occultists, and progenators of occultism.
b) subhuman occultists are the definition in the deoccultist concept.
c) truth activism is not the definition in the concept of deoccultist, activists contribute to the spirituality of occultists handsomely...
d) deoccultists disrespect and dishonor the evils that fostered them.
e) deoccultists deny occultists the occult.
f) hiding the truth in place of a healthy occult.
g) leeching off the hard work of others - full spectrum ideological theft and false plagiarism claims of the true origin.
h) deluding of occultists and occultism.
defining evil
[working definition] an ideology, spirituality, and set of agendas.
pure evil - evil - subevil || sublight - light - pure light
pure evil
darkness has highly deceptive qualities
darkness is personified by purity - e.g. the purity of blackness
there are shades of darkness within the confines of light
all evils are deceptive without cognition of what is occurring from the victim's perspective
all single acts of evil can be a justice
evil truth algorithms
interfacing the victim's experiences and values to actuate awareness of what is occurring.
the past + the relevant evil manifestation / actions - the person's history: e.g. their hard work / their sacrifice / what they are losing
the present + eternal future - interfacing the victim's point of view

evil conundrum: the best and brightest are not destroy worthy to those with evil standards when all truth is faced - is ignorance bliss?
subevil is personified by subhuman traits - subevil is always human (see my abominations segment)
subevil is defined by perversion - perversion of all types; sexual and beyond
subevil depends on falsity and dishonor, it cannot succeed on it's own merits.
eternal duality - 28

revered vatican spirit symbiosis - rape cultured sub-blacks
aspects: pure evil - pure darkness - destroy
children: antithesis black messiah race
aspects: subdarkness - subevil - infectious subhuman
egyptian artwork depicts this race
annihilated by horus and his military

the person who was horus (current lifetime)
aspects: eternal union - eternal soldier - binary polarity
first direct contact from the italian illuminati
photo: ominous - doom - synthetic fear - fearlessness
being conveyed my future in a long line of fallen messiahs
allegedly the only accurate traditional photograph of my life

"when you look deep into the dark, it looks right back at you"

"i am engulfed in the spirit of the enemy"

"after silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music"
-anna da vinci

i am being continually compromised by the weak minded and impure

"when i was young and much more untamed i wanted to go to africa to hunt poachers."

"eating meat is vampirism, and a step or two up from cannibalism."

'what you eat becomes part of your body's spirit and physiology...'

"if schizophrenia is categorized as highly delusional it would be accurate to term modern psychiatrists as schizophrenics. in addition to this what they peddle is hazardous. this makes them dangerous schizophrenics."

"to put it into perspective the targeted individual holocaust is denied by most of the planet and the victims are labeled mentally ill."

"what if christ looked around and saw the planet symbolically cannibalizing his flesh, drinking his blood, adorning jewelry & buildings with symbols of his assassination, elevating him to unreachable god status, and if he told them of his identity he would be off to the psyche ward and drugged."


phillip walker's character profile - autobiography
top objectives: eternal wife saviorship & protection / eternal union saviorship - angel sanctuary and saviorship - deconquering & reclaiming sovereignty - angel rapist crusades - foundation for dark & light utopia
personifying aspects: eternal union - eternal soldier - truth - duality - dark & light altruism - martyrdom
motivations: union, progress, truth, execution, darkness, preservation, liberation, sanctuary, spirituality
life tribulations: prison of the aspects - order based imprisonment || subspiritual enemy || full spectrum tribulation - potentially versus every archetype - compromised by almost every demographic - in the past; every group in my solar system versus myself - factually undefeated || theft of my entire career / false plagiarism claims - legacy concealment & ruination || defenselessness - absence of the light's protections until 35 years of age - dark endowment || full spectrum framing and provocation || anathema/curses - living nightmare/hell
character: irrevocably light polarized || eternal 'soldier with a purple heart' || martyrdom - full time soldier - resolute acceptance of death - spiritual with death - spiritual with the pain of others || saviorship and protection of the defenseless || new definitions of pain and suffering || eternal celibacy with my partner - my permanent free will: 100% non-sexuality || high degrees of respect for women - guardian ethos for women - my qualities do not follow the standard partner roles of male and female - i am willing to do any traditional female role my partner doesn’t want to do || inverted narcissism: shy - quiet - observant || loyalty in actions || full spectrum fidelity & honesty || resolute integrity under threat & sacrificial altruism || vindication || transparency || free will ethos - free spirited || truth & progress driven - dark idealism - collectivism || voice of reason during robberies || imperceivable character - falsely judged by fools || antithetical to humor || absolute antithetical nature to pedophilia - devastated perceiving youth || antithetical to movies and fiction - truth centric || eclectic music values || renaissance || preservation of the irreplaceable || restraint when enemy's are vulnerable || hard to kill || angel rapist nemesis || full spectrum victor - allegedly undefeated since conception || aeternal damnation - hellraised - the front lines of hell since march 14th, 1984 || selective annihilation || killer instinct || tactical proficiency || morality based assassination || eternal execution || subhuman destroyer || deconquerer || moon shattering armageddons
union: eternal wife centric - deepest desire: to be reunited - deepest thought: spiritually complete
spirituality: tobacco & cannabis spirituality || venti iced chai with light ice intermittent fasting || water || spiritually deadened minimized spirituality || god's armor: spiritual deadening - highs || pure light & pure evil binary spirituality || dark & light synth - dark synth aspects - pure evil light + pure light evil || the spirit of truth || destroy + maliciousness || suffering - pure emotional pain || my family are some of my deepest sorrows || i am deeply appreciative for my years in heaven with angels and my eternal wife || angel liberation || reptile vindication || clone sentiments || honoring victims & sacrifice
honors: lucifer || dark guardian angels - hell guardians || fallen messiahs || fallen pantheon with absolute irreproachability || perfect evil human extraterrestrial wife saviors || light polarized reptile martyrs || immutable moral fidelity and exceptional proficiency in the soul theft war; james alefantis || illuminati heros: guy de rothschild, frank cali and the italian illuminati, a queen elizabeth scientific spirit, james alefantis, swiss illuminati, david rockefeller, george h. w. bush, yossi cohen, shabtai shavit, mossad strategists, a specific cia scientific spirit, pope francis, jewish cia || russian military, tupac amaru shakur & outlawz, aaliyah, nate dogg, malcolm x, abraham lincoln - john lennon,
highest aspects of my spirituality
union: unconditional fidelity & dedication - we are both in the spirit of each other's lives
victim fury: seek and destroy - rapist and shill holocaust - aeternal execution / soul destroy
spirits: the truth in the spirit of people's eyes - spirit world home
damnation: crucifixion - hell - aeternal damnation
sorrow: what was not known - what could have been - what was lost - the spiritual anguish of the fallen
sacrifice: honoring the fallen - acknowledging their experience - feeling their pain
anti-rape: rape victim identity - angel liberation - celibacy - all sexual actions are impure
aspects & archetypes
unconditional qualities for my eternal wife, angels, the loyal and faithful extraterrestrial friends/races of my past

resolute full spectrum torture irreproachability || a nightmarish hell of inaccuracy || sorrowful soul || wrongfully forsaken || soul erased - soul attribute thefted - quoted to be a forlorn spirit/soul after i am defrauded of my existence in the circus of so called order || neural soullessness || soulular exhaustion || against an ocean of dishonors and compromise || nemesis of subevil with systemic legitimacy and truth || according to an illuminati spirit of guy de rothschild i have been tortured daily since the first moments of my life: march 14th, 1984 - (the present day) || dark endowment was approximately all i had protecting myself until age 35 || the purest/highest integrity and standards of dual polarity have been one of my only solaces in life - a biblical enemy objective: christ (the savior) dies from humanity's sins || extreme neuro-framing victim || exotic human trafficking victim - extreme neural rape victim || ideological victim - my work is falsely claimed as plagiarized by the most abominable imposters to neutralize my opposition || top advisor of a soul theft war - james alefantis, his network, converted human trafficking networks, and i created a relatively permanent cease-fire until algorithmic coercion from imposters rigged the planet out of it's rightful future || my songs produced as an angel were war concessions: the erasing of my legacy was a saviorship mechanism - i was framed to those i saved and likely subsequently compromised || i have defeated everything that could have been possibly asked of me - i may have defeated 100%: every demographic relevant in this multiverse while they opposed myself with nescience / naivety / hero complex's or dishonors while compromising every priceless attribute of our home - those with weak character and minds compromised everyone they could to achieve dishonorable saviorship of their pathetic existences

my eternal wife was the first or second highest target of record focuses - the 100% female for our universe

pet peeves: weak mindedness, compromise, dishonor, naivety / infectious stupidity, theft of other's hard work, exaggeration, dishonesty, whimsical evils

rapture of subevil: pedocide - hebecide - pervicide - tyrannicide + sublight illumicide: sublight & false light rapture || pedophile & hebephile holocaust - angel rapist holocaust - imposter fallen angel reptile holocaust

high satanist respect - 1988 nikolas schreck || nazi dedication - hitler & the best illuminati black project scientist - every nazi strategist from world war ii

relating to rape victims

clone saviorship || saving souls - [soul saving hell facility] || sponsor of heavenly hell and hellish heaven

unconditional full character and brainwave transparency with all true allies / irrevocably pro-surveillance - pro-records

conquering stipulations: angel rapist crusades - pedophile & hebephile holocaust - tyrannicide - apocalypse - saviorship - liberation - weighing of hierarchy - elevating the worthy - empowerment - sanctuary - dark & light utopia

allegory - the occult: the hidden - the unknown - the unseen - the unspoken || the eye of providence - static truth - spirit ideology

full spectrums - extreme polarity - a life and path into ideological completion

"i will fight to the end, hope is not needed" -phillip douglas walker - forest grove, oregon spirit world

since my birth date march 14th, 1984 i have sacrificed for my eternal wife and allegiances.